Our School has well equipped labs which will be of great help to the students not only to study the laws of nature but also to experiment those laws.


“A library is the birth place of ideas, a place history comes to life” says Norman Cousins. Library in our school gives witness value to this quote. Peaceful atmosphere and inspires the students to visit regularly and quench their thirst for knowledge. Self-Learning is given more importance in the Library. (Photo)

Healthcare Center

Healthcare Center in the school takes care of physical conditions of the students. This ensures that students are hale and hearty as physical health is very important for mental works.

Open Day

Open Day is a very important programme of Loyola Academy. These Open Days provide an oppurtunigy for the parents to interact with teachers, to get to know the progress of their child in academic and other areas. Therefore all parents are expected to attend without fail.


Bus Routes


SMS facility is available which helps the parents to stay connected with the school. Home works, announcements are sent to parents every day.